Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Exhibitions starting up again!
We'll start at the Steinfeld Warehouse, 101 W. Sixth Street, Tucson.
Also, we'll restart mobile art exhibitions in the Planet Rabbit van in downtown Tucson.

Contact: David Aguirre,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

FemArts: Art Installations by Women Artists: Nov 21st and 22nd, 2013.

FemArts: Art Installations by Women Artists at Dinnerware Artspace

Thankyou to Warehouse Arts Management for making this exhibition possible at the Steinfeld Warehouse, 101 W. Sixth Street.

Preview opening: Thurs, Nov 21st, 6-9pm.
Closing: Friday, Nov 22nd, 6-9pm.
Set Up Timeframe: Nov 16th-20th. Schedule tba.

Artists include:
Ruth Hillman
Autumn Bree
Elizabeth Burden
Marie Closeness DeGain
Traci Miller
Shannon Stephens
Moira Geoffrion/Shirley Wagner
E Burke
Alesha Fiandaca
Valyntina Grenier
Natalie Brewster Nguyen
Liz Weibler
Bridgitte Thum
Susan Cullen

The setting is inside the historic Steinfeld Warehouse, 101 W. Sixth Street, a large interior space which will have subdued lighting the night of the event so that each installation can use light as they wish.
`Each installation invites the viewer to become part of the work by entering the work. Unlike a regular visual exhibition where one approaches art as 'other', to view and observe from the outside, each installation in this exhibit invites the viewer into itself. An observer behind the viewer, sees that viewer as part of the piece. And so on.
`This is NOT an exhibition of one's artwork as if the artist were setting up a mini art exhibition of their work. Instead the exhibit challenges the artist to allow the space to have a substantial say in the direction of the piece. The artist will respond to the space, which is the spark, that brings the installation out from within the artist.

`There must be a light component to it because the general lighting in the warehouse will be subdued.
`There may be sound, video, or movement associated with the piece.
`The first 12 artists, or artist groups, that are listed above will be given a $50 honorarium. More honorariums might be given depending on the results of fundraising efforts.

`Wine receptions for the artists: Thursday, November 14th, 6-10pm, and Friday, November 15th. Food trucks will be present.
` A panel discussion will be held to talk about our experiences together about the process as a group, and as individuals, date tba.

David Aguirre,

This is a Dinnerware Artspace function that is supported by culturally conscious local businesses, and thoughtfully minded volunteers, both of whom are interested in creating something fabulous. Well, they're fabulous, themselves.

Thank you to all the artists for believing in the adventure that is about to happen with this exhibition. Hopefully a beautiful garden will result that will live beyond the calendar time frame for the exhibition.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Introducing Planet Rabbit: Tucson's First Mobile Art Gallery

Introducing Planet Rabbit: Tucson's First Mobile Art Gallery in it's early stages. We have the step van. Next is retrofitting into something that it was never intended to be: an Art Gallery on wheels. In this day and age of mobility, the white box no longer adequately suits the needs of the community. The term "outreach" used to mean sit in the same place as always, but put your arms out for a hug offering. Now a days, we need to bring the whole art gallery to the neighborhoods, to the community. In the age of the interwebs, our minds aren't tuned the same way as it was in the past. Planet Rabbit: Tucson's First Mobile Art Gallery will feature 2D and 3D art, installation art work, performance art work, music.

But first we have to work on the vehicle:
`Remove the existing lid of the vehicle.
Construct a new lid for head room.
`Add clerestory windows to allow natural light in.
`Strip the blue off the vehicle, which used to be a delivery truck for the San Francisco Chronicle. The letters can still be seen on the side. Allow the raw aluminum body to shine through.
`Create gallery walls in the interior.
`Add flooring.
`Add track lighting.
`Add art work.

Written by
David Aguirre

Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Works by Jeanna Voellmer

Artist, Jeanna Voellmer, is exhibiting new paintings at our satellite gallery at
The Bloc, 8975 E. Tanque Verde, at Catalina Highway through the Spring 2013.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

We're looking forward to coming back in January 2013 with a new exhibition. 

In the mean time, you can support Dinnerware by attending a Tucson Food Truck Roundup which supports Dinnerware Artspace.

Dinnerware Artspace
425 W. Sixth Street
Tucson, Az

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pollos del Pueblo: 2012

"It's all about the chickens".

Call to Artists:
Enter this free exhibit celebrating our feathered sisters and brothers. All mediums, and all ages, accepted including wearable art, sculpture, photography, paintings, drawings, prints. If you live out of town, you can send a postcard of your chicken art. That would be a one way ticket, btw. Mail to: Dinnerware Artspace, 450 N. Main Ave, 85701.

This is a nonjuried exhibition meant to be inclusive of all levels of talent, all ages, together, in one gallery. Free to participate. Framed and unframed work will be accepted. Works will be hung salon style.

Works can be turned in Wednesday/Thursday, November 28-29th, 5pm-7pm, or by special arrangement. Contact David Aguirre:

Opening Reception: Friday, November 30th, 6pm-8pm. The gallery will be open Saturday, December 1st, 10am-2pm. And then the following week, tba. Pick up artwork Thursday, December 13th, 5-7pm. Dinnerware Artspace drop off location: 425 W. Sixth St.

This exhibit is made possible via the support of the Tucson Food Truck Roundup, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and very special persons who support Dinnerware Artspace including volunteers and private donors.

Outdoor dinner provided by (food trucks) TBA.

Contact David Aguirre for more information: 520-869-3166, or email,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Presidio Fashion Exchange

Every Saturday, 8am to Noon, we have the Presidio Fashion Exchange at the Dinnerware Artspace Parking Lot. This is an outdoor, uncurated market of high quality paintings, sculpture, design, furniture, photography, ceramics, glass, fashion accessories, greeting cards, backpacks made of recycled car upholstery, toys made of recycled wood, and clothing designers, bric-a-brac, books, jewelry, and, a free clothing exchange.

Anyone can participate. Participation is free. Attendance is free.
In addition,  we have a Free Exchange table where we ask that 5 items be donated to the table. In exchange, that person can take as much as they think they will use from that table.
This is not only a market for repurosed and upcycled items, but there's room for art, fashion, and unique household items. We want to encourage emerging artists by making it easy to show their items at the Presidio Fashion Exchange. Some artists are showing their high quality items for the first time. Other artists are more experienced and bring that experience to each item.

We want sustainable design to be on the forefront of fashion in Tucson.
Participants vary from Saturday to Saturday. Tables and chairs provided for vendors.

David Aguirre

The Arizona Commission on the Arts supports Dinnerware Artspace.