Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, April 2nd, 5-9pm Arts Get Together at Dinnerware

Saturday, April 2nd, 5-9pm Arts Get Together, 119 E. Toole.
Easy, and fantastic, parking for human, or petroleum, powered vehicles.

Let's talk.

We've been having tons of quick and fruitful and fun meetings and we're about ready to start showing some of what we've been organizing. Drop by Dinnerware this Saturday, 5-9pm for a look. We'll put a beer, or other beverage, in your hand, and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.

Dinnerware Artspace is a group effort. William Touhey and Leah Albert have been working hard on creating Dinnerware Press, a new printmaking/silk screening collective.
Talk about emerging leaders. . .

Last week Social Science Junk Shop, 43 S. 6th Ave, donated a cool letter set press made sometime in the 1950's. Thanks Adam Krantz! Also, Borealis Gallery, 6530 E. Tanque Verde, donated a dry mount machine. Thanks, Nathan!

Yoga Fusion is moving ahead with great leadership from Candace Glass, Jamie Chandler and Roxanne Ramos. Yes, we will be doing yoga while artworks inspires your downward dog.

Central Arts Gallery Collective will be exhibiting their members' work along with new members. That should make things lively!

Patrick McArdle is leading the way for Dinnerware's Photo Darkrooms which are very cool. If interested, join us on Tuesday, March 29th, 7pm for a chat.

Don't forget the new Jewelry Collective and the new Ceramics Collective, too. Ceramics interested persons might want to check it out on Monday, March 28th, 7pm. The Jewelry Collective will meet on Tuesday, March 29th, 12:15pm.

Also, this coming Saturday, Doug Weber, who will be teaching painting and drawing at Dinnerware, but also loves to cook, will be flipping grilled cheese sandwiches for you. See Dinnerware's recently acquired "Good and Evil" Food Truck on Saturday, too. (Good=tends to be greens, Bad=tends to be meaty). A four-wheeled ART work in progress. Thank you, PK Kayak(anonymous), for helping us with your generous donation that was instrumental in buying this unique food truck!

Human resouces make things happen. Organized groups make things happen.

Dinnerware's new concept is to create a unique art center for persons such as yourself and your children to explore and create across mediums, in a nonacademic paradigm, where the process of creativity is where the personal gold is at, and not necessarily in some final product.

Drop by, take a look on Saturday, April 2nd, 5-9pm.
See what we're working on, who we've gathered, with almost no money. You'll feel awed.

We use vision and volunteers who want to create something pretty cool, that's not being done, but should.

And if you want to make an anonymous financial contribution that says
"more creativity, for more people, is a good thing", then, thanks for that.


David Aguirre
Dinnerware Artspace

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Fabric Printing Workshop

March 19, 2011
10: 00 AM – 12:00 PM

Dinnerware Workshops are based on exploration and experimentation. I’ll bet you never thought of using Jell-O to make an art print. On March 19th, 2011 join fibers artist Susan Ettl and try it out for yourself. Susan will lead a demonstration of printing on fabric using gelatin, yes, Jell-O, to make monoprints. She’ll also show you how to print on fabric using found objects and kitchen utensils. If you think this sounds crazy, come join her and be crazy with her.
It’s great fun for those who want to explore new mediums, test the waters, and bridge the gap. Bring a friend and make it a friend-art-date. Be sure to wear old clothes or an apron. Dinnerware will provide all the fabric paints and several pieces of fabric. Bring extra fabric of all kinds to broaden your adventure. 

Orange Fabric Printed on Jell-o!