Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dinnerware Artspace Leaps into 2012

It's time to re-boot, rebrand, and refresh Dinnerware Artspace.

The year 2012 is likely to be another challenging one for many of Tucson's artists and nonprofits.

At Dinnerware, we're pulling up our little root at 119 E. Toole in Tucson. Choosing instead to surf the curved edge of the coming 2012 changes. We'll make adjustments in our programming intentions, then expect to 'take the show on the road', beginning in January.

What you're likely to see from Dinnerware Artspace in 2012 are innovative arts events on a pop up basis. Not only art exhibitions, and art workshops such as printmaking, silk screening, but a fusion events with food, clothing trades, growing your own greens workshops, creating your own electricity workshops, raising your own chickens, and more.

You see, in 2012, sustainability, art, and science will be a necessity for innovative living. Previous, dogmatic separations will continue to deteriorate. New alliances need to be created. Artists will need to venture further into becoming microsustainable-community-beings using their creativity to reduce reliance on outdated commercial systems.

Our new 2012 project, Molecule Arts, has been created for this purpose. A molecule forms stable microstructures of benevolently charged units, creating a stronger pattern of energy than if they had not organized(or reorganized). Magnetic resonance is a must to make a cohesive pattern, that is, they need to like each other through it's ups and downs. Molecule Arts will help create these cultural organisms.

Sometimes you have to search for art. Some Dinnerware sites may be downtown. I've seen potential temporary sites near 22nd St/Alvernon, and Ft. Lowell/First Ave, and St. Mary's Road.

Projects that will continue in 2012 under the Dinnerware banner are:
Ignite Tucson,
Tucson Food Truck Roundup,
District Clothing Trade,
Slide Shark!,
Eat Dinner: Fund an Artist, and
our fashion shows.

Also on the drawing board for 2012:
Art Park(bringing a cultural eye into Tucson's new parking garages),
The Cozy Room (music and storytelling with To-Ree-Nee and company), and
The Majestic (top level parking garage outdoor cinema with food and music and a view)

As always, thanks for your attendance, and support for Dinnerware Artspace this last year, and the past 32 years.

I hope you will stick with us as we jump on the wild ride that will likely be year 2012.

David Aguirre
Dinnerware Artspace