Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

We're looking forward to coming back in January 2013 with a new exhibition. 

In the mean time, you can support Dinnerware by attending a Tucson Food Truck Roundup which supports Dinnerware Artspace.

Dinnerware Artspace
425 W. Sixth Street
Tucson, Az

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pollos del Pueblo: 2012

"It's all about the chickens".

Call to Artists:
Enter this free exhibit celebrating our feathered sisters and brothers. All mediums, and all ages, accepted including wearable art, sculpture, photography, paintings, drawings, prints. If you live out of town, you can send a postcard of your chicken art. That would be a one way ticket, btw. Mail to: Dinnerware Artspace, 450 N. Main Ave, 85701.

This is a nonjuried exhibition meant to be inclusive of all levels of talent, all ages, together, in one gallery. Free to participate. Framed and unframed work will be accepted. Works will be hung salon style.

Works can be turned in Wednesday/Thursday, November 28-29th, 5pm-7pm, or by special arrangement. Contact David Aguirre:

Opening Reception: Friday, November 30th, 6pm-8pm. The gallery will be open Saturday, December 1st, 10am-2pm. And then the following week, tba. Pick up artwork Thursday, December 13th, 5-7pm. Dinnerware Artspace drop off location: 425 W. Sixth St.

This exhibit is made possible via the support of the Tucson Food Truck Roundup, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and very special persons who support Dinnerware Artspace including volunteers and private donors.

Outdoor dinner provided by (food trucks) TBA.

Contact David Aguirre for more information: 520-869-3166, or email,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Presidio Fashion Exchange

Every Saturday, 8am to Noon, we have the Presidio Fashion Exchange at the Dinnerware Artspace Parking Lot. This is an outdoor, uncurated market of high quality paintings, sculpture, design, furniture, photography, ceramics, glass, fashion accessories, greeting cards, backpacks made of recycled car upholstery, toys made of recycled wood, and clothing designers, bric-a-brac, books, jewelry, and, a free clothing exchange.

Anyone can participate. Participation is free. Attendance is free.
In addition,  we have a Free Exchange table where we ask that 5 items be donated to the table. In exchange, that person can take as much as they think they will use from that table.
This is not only a market for repurosed and upcycled items, but there's room for art, fashion, and unique household items. We want to encourage emerging artists by making it easy to show their items at the Presidio Fashion Exchange. Some artists are showing their high quality items for the first time. Other artists are more experienced and bring that experience to each item.

We want sustainable design to be on the forefront of fashion in Tucson.
Participants vary from Saturday to Saturday. Tables and chairs provided for vendors.

David Aguirre

The Arizona Commission on the Arts supports Dinnerware Artspace.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let Them Eat Cupcakes, September 22nd.

Performance artist Elizabeth Tobias will arrive at Dinnerware Artspace, 425 W. Sixth Street, on Saturday, September 22nd, 6-9pm with her "LET THEM EAT CUPCAKES"

What are your thoughts about hunger? Maybe you have a personal story about hunger.

Write those thoughts on an index card provided by Ms. Tobias, and earn a cupake.
 The index cards will be added inside a tent installation for others to see those thoughts.

Let Them Eat Cupcakes (aka The Cupcake Project) combines performance, outreach and installation to create a sobering commentary about the scale of hunger in the United States.

During her one night only appearance on September 22 from 6 to 9 pm, Tobias will barter scrumptious cupcakes to visitors who share an idea or memory about hunger on an index card. The hunger index cards from the evening, along with earlier iterations of the performance in Los Angeles, Boston, Salt Lake City and other American cities, will be arranged inside a colorfully lit emergency relief tent surrounded by images of confectionary sprinkles.

The cupcake is both an iconic symbol of celebration, and an ironic reference to, “let them eat cake,” a statement falsely attributed to Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution to underscore the division between social classes.

Leave a food item such as a can of food, or other item:
"Let Them Eat Cupcakes" supports Wingspan's Homeless Youth Project (HYP), which offers support and crisis intervention to homeless, and near-homeless
LGBTQ, and straight-allied youth, including street outreach, referrals
to social service agencies, and advocacy. Food, bus passes, clothing
and hygiene supplies are also available Monday through Friday to youth
through this resource. For more information about homeless and at-risk
youth services, contact Kevin Jackson, at
Outshine Transitional Living Program for LGBTQ Youth.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dinnerware Moves Into New Building

A new phase of Dinnerware's history begins today with the move into the vacant building at 425 W. Sixth Street. This building has been unused for at least 4 years. The Dinnerware team will begin cleaning it up this weekend, patching walls, replacing lightbulbs, repainting the walls. Another fixer upper. That's what the arts does. We bring life where conventional commercial enterprise stumbles. We hope to be in gallery operation by June 1st, 2012.

In the meantime, we'll open the new Downtown Food Court with some of our favorite mobile kitchens. The Food Court will create income for the gallery, attract people to the site, and bring the area back to life.

I'm talking about the triangle that is the new Dinnerware, the Splinter Brothers Warehouse, and Wildcat Storage. The triangle is an interesting one: Sixth Street becomes St. Mary's, or is it the other way around? Main Ave transitions itself over the train tracks in a weird way. The train is rumbling by on the east angle. IH-10 streams through on the west side. And on the south side of the triangle, Granada goes to the State and Federal buildings, Main Ave goes into the Presidio Neighborhood to the Tucson Museum of Art, City Hall, County building, and Sixth Street goes to 4th Ave and the University.

The new Dinnerware Artspace will be different than anything we've done before.

A new mix of theme exhibitions, food, ceramics, music, AND revitalization via these mediums.

We've started a Facebook page called "Popuphood Tucson" modeled after Pophood Oakland, which is a revitalization project that takes underused commercial spaces and turns them into people attracting sites that helps an area, and not just that site. For instance, The Food City on Ft. Lowell at First Ave. Next to it are a number of vacant spaces. Businesses have tried to make a go of it there, but without success. They don't last long. A new approach is needed at a site like that, which will help the 40 or so other businesses in that immediate area, and the origin site as well. It's a rebuilding process to help people think of an area in a different way. That's where change begins. That's what we'll do at 425 W. Sixth Street to start.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Neighborhood Chef tonight, April 4th, Barrio Viejo!

Tonight's edition of Neighborhood Chef brings together a partnership with Pio Decimo Center.

The event takes place at their community garden, 19th St/7th Ave.
Everyone is invited. Free to attend. Pay a small amount for the food.

The mobile kitchen, Foodie Fleet will be there with cooked menu items sourced from the garden.

Street Delights will provide the creme brule and Cyclopsicle will provide the innovative popsicles.

We'll sit in the garden for dinner. Enjoy eating interesting, delicious foods, and talk to the chickens.

New Home for Dinnerware Artspace
Thanks to the efforts of our fundraising team, we expect to move into a downtown building soon. We'll continue to fundraise with, and growing, the mobile kitchen culture.

For updates on Dinnerware/Food Truck Roundup events, go to:

Written by
David Aguirre

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Great Tucson Iditarod Race: April 1, 2012

The Great Tucson Iditarod Race:
April 1, 2012

You are invited to enter a shopping cart race in which teams of from 2 to 5 people tie themselves to a dressed up shopping cart, and manage their outrageously costumed-selves down the sidewalks of downtown Tucson.
This is an urban adventure, with a shopping cart tied to your waist or being hand pulled. Mushers and "dawgs" must have a theme, and be in costume to support that theme. The races are fun competitions, but are not based on speed, or who gets to the finish line first. Racers wear costumes of the absurd such as Spanish bullfighters, javelina astronauts, favorite vegetables or fruit, puppys, or human pinatas.

Teams can be used to advertise their charity, their business, their school, their class, their program, their singing group, their church, their golf team, their class, their neighborhood, their office, their yoga group, their family, their brand, their politics, their dance class, etc.

There must be a musher riding in, or on, the cart at all times. Team members can switch at their discretion. The event will be video documented and photographed along the way. At the end of the race, 5 teams will be chosen and awarded $100 each in prize money. All ages welcome to participate.

Iditarod: (pronounced: Eye-DIT-uh-rod)
The most famous Sled Dog Race in the world was the Iditarod which ran 1160 miles through the roughest and most beautiful Alaskan terrain. Mushers and dogs raced through fierce mountains, frozen rivers, thick forests, and desolate tundras.
The Present:
The Great Tucson Iditarod is tougher still. Mushers have to brave the U of A Mall, University Avenue, 4th Avenue and it’s perilous underpass, Congress Street, and Sixth Ave, only to end up at the center of the world: The Tucson Food Truck Roundup, if they survive their frostbitten journey.
The Race:
The race occurs on April 1, 2012, April Fools Day. There is no exact start time. Each team starts between Noon and 3pm, but at a time of their choosing. Check in at Bentley’s House of Coffee and Tea, 1730 E. Speedway.
Smart Mushers Register Beforehand:
Not necessary, but it will help all of us.
Entry fee: $30. Payable on Paypal (pay, or check, or cash, day of the race. Get last minute updates before you set out on your journey. The race ends at the Tucson Food Truck Roundup at 5pm. Five, $100 cash prizes will be awarded at 5:30pm.

Along the way, you have to check in at certain stops. Each stop will give the team something to take with them on their journey. Those items must be presented at the end of the race. Some items may be small. Some may be large....

-Start at Bentley's and cruise through UA Mall to
-Time Market, then
-Skybar, then
-The Food Conspiracy Co-Op, then
-The Hut, then
-Sparkroot, then
-Borderlands Brewery.
Finish Line is at The Tucson Food Truck Roundup at Benjamin Plumbing Supply parking lot, 76 E. Sixth St.

Awards: Clever theme selection, amazing costuming, animal decoration, artistic and crazy, award because the judges just loved them.

Preparing for the race:
Get a shopping cart. Where? Use your imagination, but a lot of times rejected shopping carts reside behind super markets. Just sayin. Shopping carts can be 'adjusted' to fit your needs including chopping them up. But keep the wheels on. Get your friends together, create some fun costuming, and you’re good to go. As always, be safe and be legal.

Iditarod stops are subject to change.
Guidelines subject to enhancement.
Award categories may be added or adjusted.

For updates:


Saturday, February 25, 2012

The latest information about Tucson Food Truck Roundups

The latest Calendar information about Tucson Food Truck Roundups is at:

Let Dinnerware Artspace coordinate your event with catering it with a locally owned Food Truck, and have some of the proceeds go to Dinnerware Artspace.

Contact David Aguirre, voice or text, 520-869-3166.

Food Truck catering options are numerous and can be adopted to your event:
Gourmet Mexican Food
Kettle Corn
Roasted Corn
German Food
and Southwest Fusion