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The Great Tucson Iditarod Race: April 1, 2012

The Great Tucson Iditarod Race:
April 1, 2012

You are invited to enter a shopping cart race in which teams of from 2 to 5 people tie themselves to a dressed up shopping cart, and manage their outrageously costumed-selves down the sidewalks of downtown Tucson.
This is an urban adventure, with a shopping cart tied to your waist or being hand pulled. Mushers and "dawgs" must have a theme, and be in costume to support that theme. The races are fun competitions, but are not based on speed, or who gets to the finish line first. Racers wear costumes of the absurd such as Spanish bullfighters, javelina astronauts, favorite vegetables or fruit, puppys, or human pinatas.

Teams can be used to advertise their charity, their business, their school, their class, their program, their singing group, their church, their golf team, their class, their neighborhood, their office, their yoga group, their family, their brand, their politics, their dance class, etc.

There must be a musher riding in, or on, the cart at all times. Team members can switch at their discretion. The event will be video documented and photographed along the way. At the end of the race, 5 teams will be chosen and awarded $100 each in prize money. All ages welcome to participate.

Iditarod: (pronounced: Eye-DIT-uh-rod)
The most famous Sled Dog Race in the world was the Iditarod which ran 1160 miles through the roughest and most beautiful Alaskan terrain. Mushers and dogs raced through fierce mountains, frozen rivers, thick forests, and desolate tundras.
The Present:
The Great Tucson Iditarod is tougher still. Mushers have to brave the U of A Mall, University Avenue, 4th Avenue and it’s perilous underpass, Congress Street, and Sixth Ave, only to end up at the center of the world: The Tucson Food Truck Roundup, if they survive their frostbitten journey.
The Race:
The race occurs on April 1, 2012, April Fools Day. There is no exact start time. Each team starts between Noon and 3pm, but at a time of their choosing. Check in at Bentley’s House of Coffee and Tea, 1730 E. Speedway.
Smart Mushers Register Beforehand:
Not necessary, but it will help all of us.
Entry fee: $30. Payable on Paypal (pay, or check, or cash, day of the race. Get last minute updates before you set out on your journey. The race ends at the Tucson Food Truck Roundup at 5pm. Five, $100 cash prizes will be awarded at 5:30pm.

Along the way, you have to check in at certain stops. Each stop will give the team something to take with them on their journey. Those items must be presented at the end of the race. Some items may be small. Some may be large....

-Start at Bentley's and cruise through UA Mall to
-Time Market, then
-Skybar, then
-The Food Conspiracy Co-Op, then
-The Hut, then
-Sparkroot, then
-Borderlands Brewery.
Finish Line is at The Tucson Food Truck Roundup at Benjamin Plumbing Supply parking lot, 76 E. Sixth St.

Awards: Clever theme selection, amazing costuming, animal decoration, artistic and crazy, award because the judges just loved them.

Preparing for the race:
Get a shopping cart. Where? Use your imagination, but a lot of times rejected shopping carts reside behind super markets. Just sayin. Shopping carts can be 'adjusted' to fit your needs including chopping them up. But keep the wheels on. Get your friends together, create some fun costuming, and you’re good to go. As always, be safe and be legal.

Iditarod stops are subject to change.
Guidelines subject to enhancement.
Award categories may be added or adjusted.

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