Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hecho A Mano

I've been wanting to provide something more interactive in the arts, both with kids and adults, and this weekend, April 16-17th, we're doing just that.

I call it "Hecho A Mano", or 'made by hand and spirit'. Over 20 artists will be showing works that they make and many of them will either demonstrate how they do it or let you try your hand at making art.

It should be fun.

This is a first time event like this anywhere in Tucson, so we're trying it on for size. I hope to organize more Hecho A Mano (eh-cho ah mah-no) events with different themes and events and activities attached to it.

Some artists who will be showing work:
Peg Hanson-Whitmore, Randall Hobbs, Scott Miller, Roberta Lewis, Susan Ettl, Jerome Rago, Kaye Guerin, Rebecca O'Day, Rosie Wicks, Larry Gomez, Jeff Mott, Pauline Pedregon, Mike Loghry, Derek Loewy, Patrick McArdle, Mykl Wells, Beth Jonquil, Ruth Hillman, Leah Albert, William Touhey, Douglas Weber, Cristina Cardenas, Louise Nilsson, Rick Wheeler, Dallas Josephy, David Aguirre, Maria Arvayo, Linda Bohlke, Ashley White, Shana Cinquemani, La Fashionista Leon, Amy Hagemeier's face painting, and more!

Easy parking for petroleum based propulsion units, wheel based human powered units, or expeditiously bipedal humanoids.

Beverages and treats provided. Donations accepted.

For more information, or if you want to participate in some way contact me at

David Aguirre