Sunday, September 23, 2012

Presidio Fashion Exchange

Every Saturday, 8am to Noon, we have the Presidio Fashion Exchange at the Dinnerware Artspace Parking Lot. This is an outdoor, uncurated market of high quality paintings, sculpture, design, furniture, photography, ceramics, glass, fashion accessories, greeting cards, backpacks made of recycled car upholstery, toys made of recycled wood, and clothing designers, bric-a-brac, books, jewelry, and, a free clothing exchange.

Anyone can participate. Participation is free. Attendance is free.
In addition,  we have a Free Exchange table where we ask that 5 items be donated to the table. In exchange, that person can take as much as they think they will use from that table.
This is not only a market for repurosed and upcycled items, but there's room for art, fashion, and unique household items. We want to encourage emerging artists by making it easy to show their items at the Presidio Fashion Exchange. Some artists are showing their high quality items for the first time. Other artists are more experienced and bring that experience to each item.

We want sustainable design to be on the forefront of fashion in Tucson.
Participants vary from Saturday to Saturday. Tables and chairs provided for vendors.

David Aguirre

The Arizona Commission on the Arts supports Dinnerware Artspace.

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